How to Get Best Photo Shot with your DSLR Camera

For you who are still beginners in the world of photography, there are some tips on how to get the best photo shot. Besides practising continuously to get used to and get good photos, some beginner photography techniques must also be sharpened.

Adjust the lighting
Never take pictures with the sun’s position directly behind you. This method can be said to be very boring because the light will appear flat on your target or model. If you take a cool photo method by using the side behind light (of the subject), you will be able to shape the light in such a way, and also make a good way of taking photos that look more attractive.

Use your mind
What is meant by taking pictures using your mind is imagining the expressions of your model and paying attention to the conditions of light. Think about how you can arrange the image out there later, which makes your interest and also the type of lighting that you might be able to use to take the best picture.

Do the experiment with your camera settings
The results of your shooting may be more flexible and real than you know. Therefore, you need to read the manual in order to help you interpret all the smallest symbols. When you deepen it, try aiming at your subject with several settings to learn the effects that you like. When you are viewing your photos on a computer, you can check the EXIF data (usually found in the property file) to look back at the settings you are using.


Tips for Picking The Best Yet Affordable DSLR Camera

To make it easier for you to pick the best affordable DSLR cameras, here we have summarized the recommendations of 3 best and cheapest cameras for either beginners or professionals.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Let’s start with a product from the famous Canon camera manufacturer. We recommend the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for those who are already professional or still in the learning stage. Regarding the quality of the photos produced, this DSLR camera is undeniably good. It uses a full CMOS sensor with a resolution of 30.4 MP. Its sensitivity to light reaches ISO 32000. That is why you do not need to worry when shooting in a place with less lighting exposure.

In terms of speed in capturing images, not only can you capture the moment with high speed, but it can also take pictures of up to 7 frames per second. The processor is also supported by ISA (henceforth, Intelligent Scene Analysis) technology which allows you to produce a high-quality image if it is taken very quickly in one row.
Taking pictures is not the only availability of this camera, it can also record video with 4K resolution or in a High Definition quality.

Nikon D750

This camera is recommended for those who love traveling and do not like to bring such a heavy camera around. It has a very slim design, which makes this product very light and easy to carry everywhere. But behind its slim and light design, it is able to produce such a high-quality picture. It can capture 6.5 frames in one second and it is also capable of recording full HD super-clear video quality in low light conditions.


Best Photo Spot in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It has a jaw-dropping coastal seaport scenery and natural landscapes that are perfect to be captured in a photograph. Are you planning to spend your holiday in Vancouver? Then you may need some recommendations on the best photo spot in Vancouver, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The 137-meter bridge that was built across the valley where Capilano River is situated has a height of 70 meters from the surface of the river. Its height will definitely make your adrenaline racing. Walking on the bridge, which sometimes sways in the wind, will certainly make the heart beat faster and give you an unforgettable sensation. However, that tension will surely pay off with the satisfaction when you can enjoy the beauty of nature around this magnificent valley.
The incredible landscape makes it understandable why this place is considered the best photo spot in Vancouver Canada.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

For you who are seeking the best photo spot in Vancouver, Canada, this garden may be a perfect choice. It can provide a landscape of a well-maintained garden which is perfect as the background of your photographs.
This is a stunning sanctuary in the heart of the Vancouver city. This very well-kept dwelling is a garden with the first classic Chinese nuance ever built outside the mainland of China. You can enjoy the enchantment of the garden that combines with other attractive elements that are designed harmoniously on the beautifully arranged rocks and water.