Vancouver Winter Olympic 2010 and Protest – Flashback

I just arrived in Vancouver today, it’s not like usual, I used Uber this time to move around. I was not interested with ridesharing app but after trying it myself overseas I became hooked because of the ease of ordering and it’s affordable.

In the past, I have a good experience with ride booking service while visiting Australia. When I was confused about how to moving around the city, I open my phone and ended up to a blog, From this blog I knew that in Australia there was not only Uber, but several other companies like Ola and Taxify.

I got a friendly Uber driver, a father of 3. He told me a lot about his family, his job as a ridesharing driver, and also the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. He is a good person who likes sports, seen from his athletic shape even though he is old enough.

From my conversation with the driver, I was inspired to write about 2010 Olympic in Vancouver especially about the protest.

Winter Olympic is a competition of winter sports among nations held once in four years. The match is usually held on the icy or snowy area. Depending on the summer Olympic, a number of the competition’s countries is fewer. Canada as host in Winter Olympic (2010) seems to be interesting to discuss.

The Involvement of Canada in Winter Olympic
Canada gets involved in Winter Olympic in 2010 held in Vancouver. Canada was to be the host of Olympic in 1976 in Montreal and 1988’sWinter Olympic in Calgary. Canada lowered 206 athletes (116 men, 90 women) for 15 sports branches.

The committee of Canada Olympic targetted Canada to be a winner in the Winter Olympic in 2010. The Canadian athletes were expected to win 28 and 34 medals. Nevertheless, this target was cancelled on 22nd February 2010. In 2010 Winter Olympic, Canada collected the total of 26 medals and met the best achievement of Canada in 2006’s Winter Olympic when they won 24 medals including 7 gold medals.

The Host City of Canada as the Host in Winter Olympic (2010)
Where did the winter Olympic be held? This Olympic was held in Vancouver. This city has welcomed about 2500 athletes attending the opening ceremony of 2010’s Winter Olympic. The worries about the financial problem and lack of snow have made the preparation of this agenda hampered but it could be handled very well.

Participant Countries
There are 82 countries involved in 2010’s Winter Olympic in Vancouver. Cayman Island, Colombia, Montenegro, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia, and Ghana participated it for the first time in Winter Olympic. Mexico, Maroko, and Jamaica participated it after those hadn’t involved in 2006’s Winter Olympic.

Sports Branches
According to Olympic Official site, 2010 Winter Olympic had held 15 winter sports branches. Eight branches are ice sports such as luge, skeleton, ice skating, skating, bobsled, curling, short track skating, and quick skating. Three sports branches are categorized to be Alphen skiing and snowboard. Four branches are categorized to be Nordic sports. Those are some sports branches in Canada as host in Winter Olympic (2010).

Protest in Vancouver Olympic

This protest movement was managed by the Olympic Resistance Network, being helped by some other affiliated parties. The march yelled some chants and slogans which represent the participants’ concerns. Many participants even came from the northwest of the United States and British Columbia.

The most common chants yelled is “Home not Games”. This slogan reflected what the demonstrators thought and felt. Indeed, they had concerns about the homelessness across the area. This protest was like a response to the broken promise given by the event’s organizers and sponsors who first claimed to be capable to provide appropriate housing for the homeless. This promise was actually a part of what so-called as an Olympic Legacy.

That is why it is understandable that there were many masked Vancouver Winter Olympic (2010) protesters who were angry and even vandalized vehicles, smashed windows, and threated the pedestrians around Saturday morning. The riot was then handled by polices soon after that.

A lot of protesters were dressed in black balaclavas. Some of them even wore masks and carried a ladder, which was then used to smash up to three windows. Not only smashing, but the group also painted the windows with a bright red colour.

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