Best Photo Spot in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It has a jaw-dropping coastal seaport scenery and natural landscapes that are perfect to be captured in a photograph. Are you planning to spend your holiday in Vancouver? Then you may need some recommendations on the best photo spot in Vancouver, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The 137-meter bridge that was built across the valley where Capilano River is situated has a height of 70 meters from the surface of the river. Its height will definitely make your adrenaline racing. Walking on the bridge, which sometimes sways in the wind, will certainly make the heart beat faster and give you an unforgettable sensation. However, that tension will surely pay off with the satisfaction when you can enjoy the beauty of nature around this magnificent valley.
The incredible landscape makes it understandable why this place is considered the best photo spot in Vancouver Canada.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

For you who are seeking the best photo spot in Vancouver, Canada, this garden may be a perfect choice. It can provide a landscape of a well-maintained garden which is perfect as the background of your photographs.
This is a stunning sanctuary in the heart of the Vancouver city. This very well-kept dwelling is a garden with the first classic Chinese nuance ever built outside the mainland of China. You can enjoy the enchantment of the garden that combines with other attractive elements that are designed harmoniously on the beautifully arranged rocks and water.

Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout, a 130-meter high tower, is located in the middle of the City Harbor Center, it’s very popular among foreign guests when Olympic game held in 2010. From above this building, you will be able to see the City of Vancouver without any obstructions, and can also watch the distant North Shore Mountain. For your information, this dashing mountain is an attractive object which becomes the backdrop of Vancouver City.

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